Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anderson Cooper swatted

Anderson Cooper was swatted recently, and on May 7 the New York Post shared the scoop. Though swatting pranks have become common in Los Angeles, this one happened on the other side of the country. The incident happened at Cooper's Quiogue, N.Y. home.
The Post reports that the incident had officials from the Southampton Town police department rushing to Cooper's home. A 911 call was placed claiming that a man had just shot his wife. In total, police from four different department rushed to the home, but of course they found nothing amiss.
Cooper was not home at the time of the prank call. Anderson Cooper's swatting incident is one of many similar pranks played on celebrities over the past few months. People like Wolf Blitzer, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake and Russell Brand have all had their homes swatted as well. There are no suspects in the Cooper incident.
Officials are frustrated by the rising trend of pranksters creating these swatting calls. Police always take reports like these 911 calls seriously, but then it is pulling resources away from other places that may have true emergencies. So far there have not been reports of other injuries or deaths that have occurred because police were tied up with a swatting call, but some wonder if it is just a matter of time.
The CNN host has apparently not commented on the incident. Anderson Cooper's swatting happened in April, but the details flew under the radar until the Post caught up to the information.

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